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Metal roof respraying may look simple but it can be quite a disaster if completed by an inexperienced/unlicensed sprayer. A metal roof is vulnerable to leave overspray laps due to roof membrane drying faster than that on a concrete tile roof.
So leave it to a professional like myself to restore your prized asset to its original appearance, all covered by a 10 year dulux covered warranty!

Inspect roof

An inspection is carried out, looking for faulty roof screws, warn flashing and heavily rusted areas. Once spotted, these will be repaired before beginning any high pressure cleaning.

Replace rusty roof screws

Using new hex head self sealed roof screws, all old rusty roof screws will be removed and replaced.

High-pressure clean roof

To eliminate the use of toxic chemicals to clean the roof, I use an industrial high pressure cleaner to blast off all lichen, mould, grime and dirt.
The water can then be recycled from the roof and pumped into your garden or in some cases I may need to disconnect downpipes to comply with council regulations.
To conclude the roof cleaning, gutters will be flushed and exterior of house will be rinsed off leaving your house clean and tidy.

Seal sheet overlaps

Where required, metal sheet overlaps will be riveted down to ensure they are completely sealed.

Spot prime rust areas

Rust affected areas on roof will be spot primed with rust converter to ensure no rust will reappear after new coats of roof membrane are applied.

Seal roof flashing

Where required, roof flashing will be sealed using a metal roof sealant.

Apply Primer

Metal roof will be sprayed with a specialised metal etch primer to ensure maximum adhesion for the following roof membrane coatings.

Apply 2 Top Coats

An airless spray gun is used to minimizes over spray and maximise the thickness of coates.

Two final top coats of Dulux 962 Roof Membrane in the colour of your choice will be applied, giving your roof the face lift its needed for years and you the peace of mind knowing your roof is watertight.

Clean up

Any debris and or paint is cleaned and removed, leaving the work area just as it was found.

Final Inspection

A Final Inspection of the roof will be completed to ensure customer satisfaction and 10 year Dulux backed warranty papers will be signed and delivered.